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Key competencies of CECEM

Training competency and training of trainers

CECEM has been taking the leading role in using and introducing Learners Centred Training to the development sector in Vietnam.

The above approach is reflected in our application of the comprehensive training cycle to every training course. Every training course conducted by CECEM starts with a detailed training needs assessment of participants as group and individuals. The training course is then designed to meet specific needs of the group. When delivering training we constantly observe, listen to participants to respond effectively to their expectations. Every training course is thoroughly evaluated by trainers and participants for further development.

Every training session is designed according to the Experiential Training Cycle (ELC), which always generates active participation and in depth understanding of participants. Experience of participants is considered important resources that need to be fully shared and appreciated. Our training is skills based with special stress on practice and application plan. After completing a training course, participants are instantly able to demonstrate new skills and they always leave training course with a plan to apply those skills to daily work. When participating in CECEM’s training, participants also learn how to work effectively in teams, how to create cooperative colleagueship at work.

Our success in applying learners-centred training has been translated into Training for Trainers courses so that this training approach can be used by more and more people.

Project management

CECEM has achieved successes in applying the perspective that ‘Every activity in the project cycle is an opportunity to build technical and learning capacity for project stakeholders through their active participation in the project’. CECEM believe that when a project is managed with the participation of stakeholders, it does not only bring about the expected technical outputs but also improve the quality of the human resources who are involved in the project.

Bearing the above in minds, every training course relating to project management by CECEM is characterized by focuses on mobilizing active participation of stakeholders, improving learning capacity, and techniques for effective project management. After a training course, participants do not only become more competent project staff but also become better learners. They also become more capable in mobilizing the participation of project stakeholders and more appreciative of the contribution of stakeholders.

When conducting project management consultancy, we analyze project in the light of the above perspectives. Every consultancy report is a analytical document enabling clients to improve the management of development projects. Our values on participatory project management are fully put into practice in those projects where CECEM is directly involved.

Management and Manager Development

CECEM is pioneering in studying about management in the organisations, business, and projects in Vietnam.

CECEM believe that the level of development of an organisation reflects the competence of the managers of the organisation. Similarly, the level of success of a project reflects the competence of the project management board. We trust that managers in Vietnam are naturally motivated to innovate their organisations, and to lead their projects to success. They can realize their will successfully if they are supported with management knowledge and skills.

The manager and management development programmes introduced by CECEM are the results of a thorough studying, thinking, selecting the most updated knowledge with adaptation to the context of Vietnam. In these manager development programmes we focus on building both hard (technical) and soft (social) competencies of managers. Going further than just building management capacity, we will assist the establishment of a network for those who take part in the programmes for them to continue their learning through sharing information, experience, successes and difficulties within the network.

Promotion of Small and medium enterprises

CECEM is interested in the successful start up of SME and their sustainable development over time. Therefore CECEM focuses its effort in supporting SME in two phases: business start up and business development.

CECEM trusts that creative business ideas in combination with a feasible business plan are foundations to successful business start up. CECEM brings this idea into its training and consultancy services to assist SME to conduct market research, identify business opportunities, define and develop business ideas, analyze competitors and develop feasible business plans.

CECEM’s point of view is that innovation and creativeness will give SME their uniqueness and increase their competitiveness, and effective CSR programmes will help bring sustainable competitive advantage. Bearing this in mind, CECEM is an advocator of value chain management and application of CSR focuses including governance, environmental management, stakeholder engagement, labour standards, employee and community relations, social equity, responsible sourcing and human rights.

Experience in CSR

CECEM has conducted several consultancies on market research and business management. CSR requirements has always been important considerations during our work with different partners, and they are reflected in consultants’ recommendations for the businesses and communities.

The two recent researches on Vietnameses Tea and Garmen sectors have a major focus on CSR. With involvement from different stakeholders and potential partners of different background (private sector, civil society, producers, etc.), the social, ecological, economic and quality issues in these sectors were examined and benchmarked with internationally agreed upon standards and operational principals.



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