2014 economic empowerment fellows program

Program Summary 

This year, CECEM continues its partnership with the Mansfield Center in Montana University in the Economic Empowerment Program, funded by U.S Embassy.

Based on the great results of EEP 2013, in this year, up to six Vietnamese had chance to join the program in Montana.

Vietnamese fellows of 2014 EEP are mid-level managers and top leaders of business companies, NGOs and lectures of Universities. Four of them finished their wonderful Spring exchange program in the U.S in May with lots of hands-on knowledge and experience in economic empowerment. Currently, two other Vietnamese fellows are enjoying the Autumn program in Montana and Washington D.C

Vietnamese will soon receive their American fellows coming to our country for exchanging experience.


Facebook of EEP: Pls. visit our facebook to see the lively examples of the EEP exchange activities in the U.S


Economic Empowerment Fellows




The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center
The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center

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