2013 economic empowerment fellows program
Program Summary

In 2013, CECEM and the Mansfield Center of The University of Montana started the professional fellows program sponsored by the U.S. Embassy. The Economic Empowerment Program focuses on expanding economic opportunity to broader society, with the goals of increasing incomes and reducing poverty.

Four mid-level Vietnamese from business, non-governmental organizations, and governmental organizationsm, representing for different regions of Vietnam, had wonderful Economic Empowerment Fellows program in Montana and Washington D.C. During the five-week program in the U.S, participants gained the firsthand knowledge of how organizations and institutions generate employment and economic activity, while also participating in site visits and specially-designed seminars.

An important part of the program is a fellowship. Participants was matched with the similar organizations in Montana and worked with their American counterparts for more than two weeks. Together with 16 other participants from Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, Vietnamese participants enjoyed the wonderful exchange program.

After coming back, four Vietnamese fellows tried best to apply the lesson learns in their company and their projects. E.g. organizing mini-workshops to share knowledge and experience with their colleagues and beneficiaries; Opening a thrift shop – copy the YWCA Secret Second store's model - in Hue city to help children with disability; and training their local partners about business plan and other interesting experience they gained from the U.S.

Four American fellows also came to Vietnam, having great exchange visits to different regions of Vietnam such as Hanoi, Halong, Backan and Sapa (in the North), Hue, Danang and Hoi An (in the Centre). The exchange visits of American fellows gained excellent results in strengthening the cooperation between Vietnamese and American, between the U.S and Vietnam's institutions. They shared great practical experience with Vietnamese people, including students, farmers, government officers and NGO staff, through training/ workshops. Vice-versa, the American fellows also learnt from their Vietnamese partners and their beneficiaries. E.g. They had wonderful trip to Sapa O'chau in Sapa town and learnt about social enterprises in Vietnam; then, the very useful exchange experience workshops with Quang Ninh’s Women's Union, Farmers in Soc Son Dis., Ha Noi and My Son, Quang Nam province, etc.

Activities in Vietnam - Exchange experience in organi farming

Activities in Montana

Activities in Washington D.C - with senator John Tester

Facebook of EEP: Pls. visit our facebook to see the lively examples of the EEP exchange activities in the U.S

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